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           Shanghai Fangyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai Pudong New Area Greenbelt International Business Center, near Pudong International Airport. The production base is located in Dongfugou, Zhengzhou. From Shanghai to Central China in 2017。




           企業總占地面積130000㎡,現有車間40000,每年產能超過40000噸,擁有國內的各種數據焊接,切割設備 。車間大起重量高達50噸,擁有2條重鋼流水線,3條混合型輕重鋼流水線,1條橋梁車間。子公司方鼎鋼品擁有桁架樓承板等全系列各類樓承板及CZ鋼型彩鋼壓型等設備。

          The company covers a total area of 130000, with an existing workshop of 40000, with an annual production capacity of over 40000tons, and has first-class data welding and cutting equipment in China. The maximum lifting weight of the workshop is as high as 50 tons, with 2 heavy steel production lines, 3 mixed light and heavy steel production lines and 1 bridge workshop. Subsidiary Fang Ding Steel Products has a full series of various floor bearing plates such as truss floor bearing plates and CZ steel color steel profiling equipment.








          After several years of steady development, our company has formed a qualification system, technical management personnel system and project performance system that are suitable for the construction and reinforcement (structural reinforcement) of building steel structures.

          Successfully completed the steel structure project of Alibaba's Phase II exhibition center, Disney's large transportation hub, Lingang Group Songjiang District Science and Technology City, Jinqiao Group Lingang Tesla Auxiliary Workshop and high-rise Steel Structure Apartment, Shanghai Gerontology Center, taizhou Gangtai super-high-rise building, Taizhou bus group large car park and political subway line 6 Hudong Shipyard, and hundreds of other projects.




                 方遠人銳意進取,求真務實的精神不斷開拓前進,以誠信經營的理念在新一輪的產業結構調整變革中穩步前進,以質求存,創方遠品牌,持續推進新時代 企業發展戰略,打造具有核心競爭力的團隊的企業。

                 Fang Yuan's people are determined to forge ahead, and their spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism is to continuously develop and advance. With the concept of good faith management, they are making steady progress in the new round of industrial structure adjustment and reform. They are seeking survival by quality, cmpetitiveness.



                "Casting high-quality components to achieve a hundred years of success" is Fang Yuan's goal to strive for, so that more aspiring young people will strive for a hundred years of success.reating Fang Yuan's brand, continuously promoting the enterprise development strategy in the new era, and building a team enterprise with core co